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Join me for a 1-hour webinar and hack my 30 years experience how I created Financial Freedom through property & now I’m empowering others with the knowledge to go & implement  

Join The Empowering Women in Property Training
January 4th, 2023- Wednesday

This incredible webinar will show you:

  • What business models are creating a net income of between £2000 to £10,000 per month
  • Steps on how you can protect your generational income
  • How to turn dead cash into Assets
  • How to start smart company structures and protect your income
  • How to change your mindset and shift fear
  • How to become your own boss and think like a bank
  • How to systemize and outsource all of the tedious tasks so you have more time for your loved ones
  • How to create a power team and invest in multiple regions.
  • How to decentralize banks with clever ways of financing Projects
  • How to have a powerful mindset shift and get ready for the New Year
  • How to adopt healthy habits Health in wealth

I've joined several of Pam's trainings and every time I learn some new trick or insight that has helped me to level up my skills. I'm conquering the development marker with so much less hassle now.

-Aleesha Larke

Who is Pam Lindsay?

is a property developer with over 30 years experience and has been fortunate enough to amass a property portfolio worth over £10 million pounds in property assets. Her expert subject knowledge, experience, passion, drive and fun personality shines through her delivery and gives her the competitive edge over others in the industry.

Her buy and hold portfolio consists of a number of challenging developments, including converting a Grade II listed building into a luxury aparthotel, new build developments, victorian conversions, HMO remodels and Buy, refurbish and refinance deals (BRR).

Pamela also mentors small, close-knit exclusive groups via her White Glove Property Training programme and has empowered hundreds of students in property development through her charitable nature. She also holds a BA honors in business.


Join Empowering Women in Property Training

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