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Build wealth through property, mindset and wellbeing



This retreat offers you the unique opportunity to unwind in calm, peaceful and tranquil surroundings in beautiful Somerset, whilst developing your knowledge and confidence in property development and management.


Health and Wealth Property Retreat

19th - 23rd January 2023

King's Square Apartments, Bridgwater, Somerset

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The experience

  • Four-day retreat covering property development with Pamela Bunbury-Lindsay and mindset and wellbeing training with Jodie Foster
  • 9.30am start and 17.30pm finish
  • Two breaks, lunch and networking daily
  • Short intervals covering meditation and deep-breathing exercises

What you will learn

We have crafted this retreat to take you to the next step in your property journey. A retreat with a difference, it underpins health and wealth and will give you the tools to make better-informed decisions to shape both your personal and financial future.  

70% of your day will be focused on property training, the other 30% will be spent on mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques and pilates, designed to optimise your learning experience and to develop the right mindset, which is imperative to your property journey

Our aim is to help you tap into your best energy state and to learn about all the wonderful property business models, because that’s when your concentration and retention levels are at its highest and that’s exactly where we want you! This deeper understanding will allow you to enjoy the mastermind groups that combine property education, brainstorming, peer accountability and live support.

Our expert property developer of 30 years - Pamela Bunbury-Lindsay will carry out a 1:1 with you and create a personalised action plan, to help you stay focused on your property goals throughout the year. 

We will focus on:

  • How to be a savvy and intelligent property developer in any economy to force appreciation others can’t see
  • How to find your gold-mine locations and assess feasibility and suitability
  • The proven formula to analyse live deals and make smart property investment decisions driven by the right data
  • How to use your pension to purchase commercial property 
  • The detailed processes and steps to be tax efficient to create generational wealth through property and protect your assets 
  • How to establish lucrative commercial to residential property development business models 
  • How to use government housing policies to your advantage in property
  • The top secrets of how to operate a luxury service accommodation business, regardless of its size
  • How to develop, operate, market and promote a luxury boutique aparthotel
  • The detailed processes and steps to be tax efficient to create generational wealth through property and protect your assets
  • How to set up smart tax efficient company structures 
  • How to build a strong personal brand and attract the right investment
  • The power of networking with like-minded people who are also building wealth through property
  • How to build a power team so you can repeat these fantastic business models
  • How to systemise and outsource tedious tasks, so you can focus on income-generated activities and spend more quality time on what you love the most.
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What else is included?

This fantastic package will also include:

  • A nutritious power juice of your choice on arrival
  • Four night’s accommodation in luxury, fully-serviced apartments developed & lovingly restored by Pamela Bunbury-Lindsay and her husband Sean Lindsay.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, including gut-friendly recipes sourced locally from Devon and Somerset. (Please note that we can cater to plant-based options).
  • Delicious fresh fruit and vegetable power juices throughout your stay.

Additional bonus

  • As part of this package, you will also receive lifetime access to this exclusive property course on

Please note - Additional activities including morning workouts and massages, yoga, evening stretches and pilates are all available at an extra cost.

For more details on our fully-serviced facilities, please see our website -  Kings Square

Meet your mentors

Pamela Bunbury-Lindsay

is a property developer with over 30 years experience and has been fortunate enough to amass a property portfolio worth over £10 million pounds in property assets. Her expert subject knowledge, experience, passion, drive and fun personality shines through her delivery and gives her the competitive edge over others in the industry.

Her buy and hold portfolio consists of a number of challenging developments, including converting a Grade II listed building into a luxury aparthotel, new build developments, victorian conversions, HMO remodels and Buy, refurbish and refinance deals (BRR).

Pamela also mentors small, close-knit exclusive groups via her White Glove Property Training programme and has empowered hundreds of students in property development through her charitable nature. She also holds a BA honors in business.

Jodie Foster

started her professional journey as a Behaviour Psychologist working with children in care and in education. Jodie took a job overseas to work with students who struggled in school and was also involved in teacher training and development. During this time, she also built a small buy to let portfolio and did several house flips.

Prior to her career in Psychology, Jodie had an interest in competitive horse riding, cross-country running and surfing, all of which led to a number of accidents and injuries affecting her spine. In addition to this, Jodie was involved in a car accident, which affected her short-term memory. Having a desk-based career only exasperated these injuries, which she managed by staying active on weekends, doing yoga and the occasional pilates.

In 2009, shortly after giving birth, Jodie’s injuries took a toll after another accident which left her partially paralysed. Jodie was told that it was unlikely that she would ever walk again unaided and would almost certainly need surgery if she were ever to be mobile again. The professionals and therapists she saw were unable to help her and all this time, Jodie refused even to look at a wheelchair, or to use the word ‘paralysed’.

 So Jodie set about visualising being able to walk and told very few people about her prognosis. Along with the support of her husband, who would help Jodie with her physical needs and with his developing knowledge of physical therapy and after 9 months of intense mental and physical effort, along with daily pilates, Jodie was slowly able to walk again.

Jodie returned to the UK and turned her efforts and experience into starting a Pilates and Therapy business to help others regain mobility and strength and the freedom from physical and mental limitations.

Jodie is now fitter and more mobile than ever before, thanks to Pilates, her husband and her positive mindset.



"I work with Pam and I’m currently building my property portfolio and have done numerous developments I’m currently doing a loft conversion to Hmo my journey is getting more and more exciting"


"I worked with Pam at the boutique hotel called Kings Square in Somerset, and I learned so much about how to start my own boutique hotel apartment, it was absolutely inspiration and a true eye-opener,I have learned so much about property development and I have actually seen the stages of a disused building turn into something absolutely amazing."


"Im a retired engineer. Pam's course is so personal and exclusive to my needs.

Thanks to Pam, I'm in the middle of doing my first new build using insulated concrete foam work (ICF)."


"I have learned so much with Pam in such a short space of time, I never thought it would be possible to start a property business at such a young age."


"I am a property sourcer from Machester. Property development is something that I have thought about for around four years and have never taken action to start until 2022."


"It was a great course that provided a lot of insight and expertise. Pam’s energy and knowledge was amazing."


"Instead of pursuing a civil engineering degree, I wanted to live on my terms.  I learned the luxury SA model from Pam who has mentored me for the past year.
As a result I'm in the process purchasing my first property
for £100k which I will be converting to 2 flats and will achieve a GDV of £360k.

My exit strategy is to leverage the luxury serviced accommodation model and to achieve a  net income 3 / 4k per month and continue to grow my property portfolio."

Early bird offer


(Standard price - £4,995)

  • Lifetime access to this course on (Worth £4,995) 
  • Four night’s accommodation in luxury, fully-serviced apartments (Worth £450)
  • In person property strategy 1-2-1 with Pam Bunbury Lindsay (Worth £500)
  • Personalised Whiteglove property action plan
  • Mastermind groups and workshops
  • Networking 
  • Meditation and Deep breathing classes 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable power juices

If you do not have a second person to share with, you have the option of staying at the Mercure Hotel, a four-star hotel less than four minutes' walk away.

Alternatively, if you would like an apartment to yourself, there is a supplementary price of £7,500 for the duration of your stay.

For more information email [email protected]


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